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when you try to go on facebook and type it into your browser too quickly and forget the "k." Then that google search engine thing pops up.

damn it, i forgot the k.
by totesboss April 23, 2008
Photographs of cats in compromising situations with captions describing the innermonologue of the pictured cat. The text is usually grammatically incorrect and relies on internet slang or "im" speak.
lolcat : A picture of a cat with burgeoning eyes and text reads "Can I haz cheesburgah?"
by totesboss April 23, 2008
what noncreative people (usually fraternity and sorority members) use to describe a reckless, drunk, and exciting night! people that use this word might also use words like "haggard" "legit" and "debauchery." It's also very common to use this as a facebook album title.
Omg last night at Sigma Gamma Epsilon was such a shit-show, I can't even remember anything, except that red cup I was holding in every picture!!!
by totesboss April 23, 2008

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