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An especially annoying person of pakistani or other middle-eastern origin/decent. Will often identify themselves as such be prolific use of terms such as 'innit' or 'bruv', or generally loud, obnoxious, arrogant and self-satisfied behaviour.
Often associated with turbans or other such towel/rag head accessories, however more often than not will instead have a stupid - usually greasy - haircut often resembling something from an 80s timewarp. They will always without fail have terrible taste in music, and act like they own the fucking planet for some reason.
Stupid fucking paki cunt, stop acting like you own the fucking planet.

Shut up, paki cunt.

No, that didn't work, my computer is still fucked you stupid time wasting paki cunt, learn how to speak fucking english.

My day was going ok but then I had to wait at the busstop with a bunch of paki cunts and it immediately went straight down the fucking toilet.

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