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C- Constipated
O- Overweighted
O- Out-of-style
L- Loser

Used on dumbasses to think you're giving them a compliment.
Nerd: Hey your C.O.O.L!
Bully: Thanks geek!
Nerd: Ahaha! You're a constpated overweighted out-of-style loser!
Bully: * clenches fist*
Nerd: I gotta run now.
by totally787 March 26, 2010
An unusual, but cute name. Any girl who has this name is obviously nice and clever. She can be hyperactive and weird but still make it look cool.
Guy: Hey, Xantha is cute, do you think she'll go out with me?
Guy 2: No way maaan! She's mine!
Xantha: Boys boys, stop fighting over me ;]
by totally787 March 19, 2010
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