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For girls it is for some reason cut short even though they want it long. So the girls put extensions bought from Sally's or any other hair product store in their hair, giving it about boob length. Their hair is either black, brown, or blonde and has much volume. Latley the "coon tails" were in style.

For guys it varies very much. Usually most guys have long bangs, but not spiked in the back, because that's emo which was soooo 2005.
AnnaAutopsy: ZOMGZ i just got some new coon tails to fix my short black scene hair!

GretaGore:BITCH you know i just got new extensions that i gave coontails

AnnaAutopsy:Im gonna have a br00t41 beatd0wn on your ass!
by totalScenester January 02, 2008

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