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1 definition by tosaka3910

having a sense of attraction to someone who share the same sex. Homoeroticism is not only used for homosexual connotation but also for heterosexual content. (i.e. good impression or image, favorite personality and appearance to a person with the same sex)
Most women have some extent of homoeroticism to female models and actresses in the media because they have a perfect body (thin, big breast, firm stomach, tanned skin, long leg...etc...). Conversely, also a lot of men have some extent of homoeroticism to male model and actors. (six-packs, thick chest, big shoulder, tanned skin...etc...)

Our ideology is socially constructed based on our sex, race and class. The example is portrayed beauty ideology of how we should look if I am a woman or a man. In American society, "beautiful" people are dominantly white.
by tosaka3910 February 26, 2010