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A Japanese "nooner", or perfect nap taken in perfect time, usually 20 minutes, in almost a perfect setting to make it the whole day, sometimes in a cocoon like setting.

It is well known the Japanese pay $7-$12 dollars for 20 minutes inside a private soundproofed room, or cocoon, and wrap up in a cashmere blanket, breathe the purified air and listen to whale cries. It's meant to prevent Karoshi…death from overwork, but here in America, we'll just have a Starbucks, or slam some espresso to get through an 8 to 12 hour day of work so we don't get fired.
James: "Dude, I can't fall asleep on the job, I'll get fired"

Eric: "Dude, you look whacked, dead on your feet bushed"

James: "Dude, I'm so freakin tired, I think I need a Starbucks, or maybe just a tripple shot or Java Jolt" (4 shots straight up).

Eric: "Dude, just go get a Japooner, you'll feel like a new man......fresh and relaxed"

James: "Dude, your a genius"
by torsiondrummer October 11, 2009
Budget Buzz is the flat beer left over from a party, usually the beer from a keg, and placed back into containers for future usage, while you return the keg and tap for the large deposit. Also, a thrifty person's way to max out a keg, when no one is left to finish the keg. It's still good beer, while kept cold in the fridge, and served in a frosty mug.
Dude 1: Hey, what are your plans this evening? Wanna get some beers?

Dude 2: Dude, I'm stayin' home tonight for a budget buzz, I had to return the keg for gas money, and couldn't afford to ice the keg every day.

Dude 1: Oh, can I come over for a budget buzz? I need to save for groceries too.
by torsiondrummer July 26, 2009
Approximately quarter japanese, of genetic make up, usually the parent of a married couple is japanese, so thier kids will be one quarter japanese, or quarjap
Lisa: Hey, my dad is Japanese, but my hubby is a mix of whatever, so at least my kids are quarjap!

Cindy:, Oh, well my kids are quarjaps too, because my mom is Japanese!

Eric: Hmmm...
by torsiondrummer November 11, 2009

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