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A MMORPG(massive multiplayer online role playing game) developed by South Corean NCSOFT in 2004. The game has a high level of addiction because of the eye candy, simple playstyle and the PvP potential. That said, Lineage II consumes a lot of time, compared to other MMORPGs. Lineage is also a very equipment-oriented game. Every 6 months or so a new sort of expansion is released, adding new skills, new areas for grinding, new weapons/armors, etc. After a Prelude and five "Chaotic Chronicles", the current version played on NA servers is "Interlude" with the new instalment, "Chaotic Throne 1" expected in the last months of 2007.

Lineage currently has five races(Humans, Orcs, Light Elves, Dark elves and Dwarves) with a sixth, the Kamael, coming with Chaotic Throne 1. Every race except for the Dwarves has a fighter and a Mage, with further expansion down the road. The players can change their occupation once after completing 20 lvl, a second change at 40 lvl and a further specialisation in their class after 76 lvl. For example, a Dark elven Fighter may become a Palus Knight at 20 lvl, then change to BladeDancer at 40 lvl and to Spectral Dancer at 76 lvl. Each change requires completion of quests. As no reversal is possible, a player must know very well what class he wants to play in the end even before creating his toon. There are 32 classes in Lineage II. Players who are 75 lvl can complete a quest for a subclass, giving them the opportunity to lvl a new class from lvl 40. There are certain restrictions, but for example, an Orc Destroyer(a fighter class) can have a Light Elf Spellsinger(nuker class) for a subclass.
Lineage II pwns.. pwns your life.
by torongill August 18, 2007

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