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a.k.a. Domina, Domme, Mistress, Alpha Girl, Toppette, W.H.A.P. (Woman Who Administers Pain), W.I.C. ('Wom(a/e)n In Command' or 'Wom(a/e)n In Control'), 'She Who Must be Obeyed'.

A Woman or Girl Who's discovered - or been made aware of a set of immutable truths which will create for Her a little patch of Heaven wherever She happens to be standing on this Hell called 'Earth' the rest of us inhabit.

These Truths are:

1.) A Woman desires the man She loves; a man loves the Woman he desires.
2.) Control the male libido, and you control the rest of him, too.
3.) Being addressed as 'Mistress' means NEVER having to say you're sorry.
4.) It is perfectly legal (in most states) for a Woman to charge a man $250.00 per hour (400 for 2 hehe) to make him crawl about on the end of a leash in Her basement and command him to yap like a Yorkie.
5.) REAL Women wear heels.

Since my Woman got those stiletto heels,
She whips me 'til I'm covered with weals.
A Dominatrix my Angel then became,
Taking my love, but repaying with pain.

by topsfrombottom May 17, 2006

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