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Contrary to popular belief, the name "Lars" refers, not to a type of secular potato, but to the (future) communist leader of New Zealand, currently a member of a northland based high school.
lars is your typical Norwegin teen name. The holder of such exemplifies strength, courage, and a remarkable resemblance to a bearded marshmellow.
Lars shocked the world with his childhood admission, aged seven, that; 'I like Turtles".

Related words: marshmellow, Martian, mars, commie, red-neck
Person1: "Sweet! Lars said I could have some of his popcorn!"

Person 2: "put that back! you don't know where it's been!"
by toothsayer December 05, 2010
A person of an extremely emotional demeanor -- generally negatively -- (see: Emo) who listens to music and "expresses" themself as dictated by the lyrics on their Ipod.
Said person feels a strong affinity for/towards their Ipod; often tending towards a sexual nature.
Give a man a fish, and he will eat for one day. Give an iMo an Ipod and he will love you for a lifetime.
by toothsayer December 03, 2010

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