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the most seriously kick-ass and vain man ever but in a very good way, we should all hope to be as vain as him, in the same funny way.

If you were not called Andreas you probably wanted to be.
Andreas is father to urban writer and he is a great guy, generally amazing.
by Toothpaste Salad January 22, 2009
A whore who is quite disgusting to look at so will never get laid, despite trying to sell herself.
The majority of chav girls who are fat and have faces like turnips are sloffy tarts, shame no one would ever want to sleep with them.
by Toothpaste Salad April 22, 2009
When someone you know is about to have their life permantly, or for a very long time, ruined and you do nothing to prevent it or if anything you encourage it.
Girl: Oh I'm really happy
Guy thinking: Haha, her new friends will grimfuck her very badly
by Toothpaste Salad January 21, 2009
the process of returning back to urban dictionary after being away from it for a long time.
I hadn't been here for 2 weeks but after my reurbanisation I haven't left.
by Toothpaste Salad January 22, 2009
A nickname which makes me very uncomfortable to refer to my girlfriend to in public as this is her nickname and not a pet name, she is not a rabbit and it isn't any weird sex name, although i do question how she got that nickname when she's that hot I don't care.
I'm dating this hot girl but she's called Bunny

She fuck five times a day?
by Toothpaste Salad January 22, 2009
The chemistry related jargon for a triple bond, most commonly a carbon to carbon triple bond.

Macho bonds are characterised by their extreme strength, curled moustaches and ability to kick ass against almost any other chemistry related jargon.
SciGuy: C=C has a pretty high boiling point but C≡C would kick it's ass any day, it's so Macho.
Class Orgasm: Macho Bond !!!
by Toothpaste Salad January 21, 2009
When you leave a relationship alone for awhile and then you either both meet and agree that it is over or you are dumped and really don't care since you haven't seen the other person in so long anyway.
John was dating Naomi but didn't see or talk to her so the relationship went out of date when they ran into each other last week after two months apart.
by Toothpaste Salad February 28, 2009

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