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2 definitions by toonchoon

1 : somebody who is too shy to dance in public areas, yet has no problem breaking out the moves in his/her bedroom

2 : somebody that learned how to dance by dancing and looking at themselves in the mirror

3 : somebody that surprised their friends with his/her dance moves at the club, because nobody had ever seen them dance before
"damn, where did he learn how to dance like that?"

- ah, he's a closet dancer.

"how did she get so good? where are her moves from?"

- she's been practicing in her room. she's a closet dancer.
by toonchoon January 30, 2011
A person who uses facebook to send lots of messages to his/her facebook friends.

A person who continuously messages others on facebook.

A person who is addicted to messaging others on facebook.

A person that calls out others on facebook, by either posting on others' walls or by sending them private messages.
Dude, I was facebook gangstering these girls on facebook.

You're a facebook gangster.
by toonchoon September 12, 2010