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The funniest thing i have ever heard of - and i only heard about this incredible phenomena today.

How so much time can be spent hanging around a train station jacking each other off and chasing other funny looking kids around i will never know. Get out of the train station. You're outnumbered by the general public, most of whom probably possess heavy briefcases, umbrellas and the odd knife.. as well as the basic ability to spell and read - the perfect tools for mercing a bunch of kids who've probably just eaten too many blue sweets and decided (on that basis) to form a subculture.
"Hey, i'm in Leeds"
"Oh really?"
"Yeah i just got off the train"
"Where you headed?"
"Probably gonna just gonna get back on the train and head home to be honest, there's kids in fancy dress chasing each other everywhere."
"It'll be them trainstation kids"
by toomuchtooyoung August 23, 2007

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