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A forgotten place where the mall had only about four stores and an Ihop. The WalMart is Dope Central, where druggies and gangs hung out on Saturday nights, looking for something to smoke and a girl to do. The high schools had more pregnant teens than on television. Sweet 16 meant you go to the DMV, get your driver's permit, and inherit your parents run down cars that're older than you by a decade or so. Weekends meant late night movies and deer hunting. Having fun meant getting high and spray painting abandoned buildings or old train cars. Every day, there would be a new hobo down by the 'Shopping Center', which had more fast food places than shopping destinations. Dating someone meant displaying pictures of you and your partner on Myspace with your tongues down each other's throats. Junior year meant that you could finally drop out. Graduating meant that you can get the hell out of this town, this place that you've been stuck in for the past 18 years of your pathetic life.
I'm from Statesville.

by toomuchcandyx June 24, 2009

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