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1 definition by toohtie badd

A school to the home of very beautiful girls who love to party but are also smart. They don't have time for dirty sluts or wanna b players. They carry themselves in a way that all girls wish they could. They are no in closet sluts well some of us aren't unlike others.
Stone Ridge girl1: we are soo tite

srgirl2: yea girilie wayy tew tite!

srgirl1:thats why we have so many haters

srgirl2: "rain rain go away thats what all my haters say" (Roscoe Dash for all that are champ and unhip"

srgirl1: but bye girl i have to go do something so awesome cuz thats all i can do because thats just what i am

srgirl2: same thing here
by toohtie badd November 07, 2010