1 definition by too white Mike

A random jamaican dancehall artist who tries to rev up "da clubs" with his thumping bass-driven melodies... problem is you usually can't understand a single word comin' out of his mouth. Came out of nowhere to the club/radio scene with "Get Busy." However, his new tune (in its original, non-radio edit edition) promotes the legalization of marijuana, so now you know. He also looks like Spanish tennis sensation Rafael Nadal if you look closely and get rid of the dreadlocks.
Friend: "Man, I say that Sean Paul looks just like Rafael Nadal! We need to give him some clamdiggers!"

Me: "No way, dude... its all about Agassi. Nadal's clamdiggers are for queers. Stick to da thumpin music Sean Paul."
by too white Mike November 25, 2005

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