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When your semen is very thin, So thin it is actually a liquid and its wholesome enough to serve to someone as a drink.
Sherry doesn't know this but I actually slipped some dick milk in her cup. Its hard to notice it but she isn't actually drinking a vanilla milk shake.
by Tony yayo December 01, 2003
Probably the realest school in Raleigh.
We know how to rock polos and project pat at the same time. Many Hot girls.
-4 Wachovia Cups

Ravenscroft is punks.
#77 A fat defensive lineman(from Ravenscroft), who got run over by the Gibbons Football Rushing attack, as evidant by our 300 yards rushing.
by tony yayo February 15, 2005
A blunt so large that it is rolled by gluing two wraps edge-to-edge
Hey Jason, we gonna twist up an ooh-wap, or what?
by Tony Yayo August 09, 2004
the crew that is gonna take over the world
ego mob is coming to town, those niggas is tight yo
by tony yayo February 07, 2005
When the rectum violently pulsuates (orgasmically) from sexual stimulation.
Andy gave the Captain one hell of a pulsating rectum last night.
by Tony Yayo March 16, 2004
Also, illegally recruits athlets in sports such as basketball and football, by reclassifying them....aka 5th year seniors
all black people from the football and basketball team
by tony yayo February 06, 2005
a commonly used slag for skateboard trick that involves and 360 degree turn of the skateboard and a kickflick at the same time
andy bomarchais did da best tre bomb down the 12
by tony yayo February 07, 2005
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