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The true definition of this word is slow or retarded, it is a Romany (gypsy language) word that has been adopted widely by the east coast.
"You are such a dinlo sometimes!"
by Tony L March 01, 2004
adj. Slang for the act of being highly intoxicated, and or in a drug induced trance. v. To do an act that can only be desribed by relating to it to being f***ed up
"Man I am so fuecked I can't even think in a curvy line"

"Wow im so fuecked, I feel like the the mute button is on....everthing is so hard to hear"

"I'm fueckin swimming!!!"
by Tony L March 01, 2004
Where you take a leak.
hey, where's the piss factory in here?
by tony L November 23, 2003
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