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an extremely small town in texass with houses nowhere near it available. Almost everyone is beautiful, but with sucky personalities and almost every girl will get pregnant time and time again before she even graduates highschool. it has a shit movie theatre where you can never watch a movie without it getting fucked up. The entertainment of decatur consists of walmart, mexicans, and tanner turlington. Everyone knows everyone and there's no such thing as a secret. Lucky people who live in towns with a population of over 1000 with probably make fun of you by replacing the d-e-c with dick or dyke. everyone rides horses but almost no one listens to country music. the highschool is the nicest thing in the whole damn town, and you will be reminded of it every time you get caught chewing gum in the building.
i fucked my cousin then rode my horse to decatur.

Decatur. Where even the name is country.

"lets order hookers man!"
"nah lets just go to decatur"

by tonto ridin the buffalo August 15, 2008

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