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It sounds like nepemegism and it cames from Bulgaria. That's a very very strange desease. Only one type of "men" have catched this awful desease. And they are the students from the National High School of Mathematics and Science. In Bulgaria we call this school NPMG and we have an exponation of it - Ne Povtaryai Moita Greshka, wich means Don't Do again My Mistake.
You're walking in the Bulgaria capital - Sofia. Especially on Bigla street, Lozenetz. And you see a guy. A guy with hard psychotical damages. He's walking thru the street like a drunk man, he's singing something like "Kashamova president", he has a beer in his hand and everybody goes away if this guy come close to him. That's a usual picture here and an example for the npmgism desease. And we have to accept it. Bad but true.
by tonto`fakanqk July 19, 2006

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