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4 definitions by tonedebone

Someone that is attracted to young boys that look like young girls.
OMG Justin Bieber is sooooo hot! I think I might be a biebersexual
by tonedebone April 25, 2010
The feeling one gets after consuming a large amount of turducken.
I've eaten nothing but turducken since 9am yesterday morning, the turduckedence is overwhelming.
by tonedebone December 25, 2009
An oversized stroller, pram, pushchair or other conveyance for transporting babies and toddlers. Usually with enormous wheels that takes up the entire width of a sidewalk, made by manufacturers such as Bugaboo. Like an SUV, but for little kids.
Watch out for that mom and kid in that mama hummer, they'll run you down if you don't get out of the way!
by tonedebone November 15, 2010
A nickname for Acer, Inc. A Taiwanese-based computer manufacture well known for making poorly constructed, unreliable PCs with terrible after sales service.
You should have bought a Dell instead of that shitty Gaycer haha
by tonedebone March 02, 2011