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2 definitions by toneboy

Ownarity: (Adverb); The principle which causes ownage/pwnage, a socio-cultural phenomena that is received and stored temperaraly in an individual by instances of being owned or 'shut down'.
Generally a sign of poor conduct in regard to the gaining of and maintaining the respect of others, is also heavily associated in gaming and doing poorly in said gaming.
For Pwnage to occur the level of ownarity in another caused by the individual(s) that in effect are pwnage, is 100%.
by toneboy August 09, 2007
1 3
Being a state of 'Ownage': (Adverb, Adjective & Pronoun); One who produces a high level of Ownarity amongst others.
The person who wrote this definition is from Australia and they are Ownage.
by toneboy August 09, 2007
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