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To weight over 200 pounds. Presence is having the physical attributes to be recognized everywhere you go.
When I'm out at the club no one fucks with me cause I have presence.

I benched 285 last night. So, you still have no presence weighing 185.

How can I get presence? Eat more and work out your legs brown hornet.
by tone bone January 21, 2007
A guy who only works out his chest and arms. Characterized by the 1970's cartoon character in which his upper body is un-proportionally larger than his lower body. Even though the cartoon character is a black guy, "brown hornet" can be used to describe a person of any ethnicity.
My arms are bigger than yours. So you're still a brown hornet.

I don't do legs...I can tell brown hornet.
by tone bone January 21, 2007
1. To workout intensly preferably using weights

2. A state of mind or mentality of being invincible

3. To do something completely and without a doubt correctly

4. A person composed of large body stature or presence
1. You beasting today? What do you think i'll be there around 7

2. You're going to ask her for her number while her man is there? I'm a beast I do what I want to do.

3. If you don't get out my face i'll beast you here on the spot.

3. I beasted her last week straight fatality west tenn style!

4. Mariusz Pudzianowski is a beast.
by tone bone January 21, 2007
To undoubtedly conquer your partner duing sexual intercourse. This is not a term to loosely throw around and describe everytime you have sex. This term should only be used to describe those times when you know for sure you killed it and she is left speechless and almost in an intoxicated-like state.
I racked up 2 new fatalities over the weekend. Get on my level.

Did yall fuck? (Yeah) How was it? (Fatality) Nuff said pimpin!

by tone bone January 21, 2007
When a guys is all up a girls ass, wasting his time, money, and efforts on a girl that is not really into him but only into what he has to offer to her.
Man quit caking that ho she only likes you cause you spend money on her.

I dont hang with him anymore. He's always caking hoes with his lame ass.

I don't know why he's caking her. She keeps giving me the thirsty look.
by tone bone January 21, 2007
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