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2 definitions by tomo's young lad

Whiping someone on the cheack of the buttocks with the back of your index and and middle fingers in order to humilliate asnd sting your victim.
"I caught that cunt a bleedin luvly rasher so I did, ye no wi meen Joner. He was fuckin shamers so he was.
by tomo's young lad January 15, 2009
6 2
Bate/. To savagley beat something or someone.

A term used by members of the travelling community.
"I'll bate te head o' ye jack buy."

"Tell Mary Threebellies I'll bate tem fuckin kids o' hers, I'll bate tem so help me god. And tell treebellies i'd bate her any day so i wuld."

"treebellies wont fight ye cus shes scared of the baten ud give her, de fat cunt that she is"
by tomo's young lad January 16, 2009
21 51