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A Scottish word meaning severely drunk or pissed.
Jamie came hame fae the pub last night and he wis totally bluttered!

Wife: You're no goin oot again, last night ye were bluttered!
by TomNZ January 27, 2011
Cheating. Word used in Aberdeen or North-East Scotland. You can also be a swik - a cheat.
At a game of Monopoly a man says to his son
" Mind now, nae swiken"
by tomnz May 19, 2013
a) In Nothern Scotland a Dyke is a dry-stone wall.

b). A Lesbian built like a brick shit-house with short cropped hair.
a) He louped ower the Dyke.

b) Dick Van Dyke was not a Lesbian.
by tomnz August 28, 2010

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