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A large, gentle creature which resembles a mountain troll. Does not attack when smaller creatures annoy it. It simply sighs, and says their name. Only one confirmed attack, pushed smaller creature onto ground, smaller creature still has scars. :(
what are you gonna do about it you humbel beast? *sigh* Tommy.
by tommy lynch May 25, 2004
Act of passing anal gas while in fact, obtaning oral pleasure from another. You fart while she is sucking you off, plain and simple.
I gave that dirty tramp a ghostbuster, boy did she squirm.
by tommy lynch May 25, 2004
Act of taking your fist, forcing it down one's throat, grabbing their tailbone with the same hand, pulling out their skeleton and watching their lifeless corpse fall to the ground all limp and what not, naturally.
While this one girl was giving me head, and i was just about to come, I told her to stop, and when she opened her mouth to ask what was wrong I bookcased that bitch. Then I came
by tommy lynch May 25, 2004

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