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The term "PGS" has become popular as of late when referring to a “seeing eye single” in competitive slow pitch softball. Local softball celebrity Patrick "Patty" Gocsh plays for Bill Hamlin's Traveling All-Stars in the Citrus Grove League of Southern California. Lacking gap power and line-drive capabilities, Gocsh has found himself a comfortable niche while at the dish. He surveys the defenses' positioning and hits well placed grounders or loopers, normally avoiding the gloves of the respective fielders, thus hitting a Patty Gocsh Single or PGS. Gocsh and his PGS' have made it possible for players with minimal power abilities to contribute to their teams’ success at the highest level of competitive slow pitch softball. Gocsh’s contributions have proved most evident during Hamlin’s All-Stars back to back championships of the Citrus Grove League of Southern California in 2008 and 2009.
I would have had a no hitter if that guy didn't hit that PGS
by tommy gunns March 04, 2009
A golfer who often slices and hooks after striking the golf ball. Most golfers have one or the other (slice or hook) but someone who plays "army golf" hits both types of wayward shots. He/She hits one right, left, right, left just like they are marching in the army.
Golfer 1: "Hey Bill, how did you hit em'?

Golfer 2: "Oh man I was playing army golf today... Right, Left, Right, Left."
by tommy gunns May 23, 2010

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