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occurs when, during fellatio, the man pulls his penis from the woman's mouth and tells her to "close your eyes for a second," the woman then does so, expecting do be ejaculated upon. The man then procedes to take a piss in her face, turning it yellow, hence the jaundice surprise.
"damn jeremy, last night i expected a facial but got the jaundice surprise instead"
by tommy anderson August 19, 2006
performed during doggie style sex when the male partner reaches forward, grabbing the woman's arms and extending them outward, steering her back and forth like an airplane; it is often accompanied by jet noises. The airplane can sometimes lead to the maneuver known as the "terrorist", which is performed by the man simply letting go of said partner's arms.
"Rachel can't play racquetball with us today, her arms are too sore from the airplane"
by tommy anderson October 01, 2007
wack ass woman thief
"i would have been wed several times as of now, had it not been for cotton eyed joe"
by tommy anderson August 19, 2006
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