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5 definitions by tommigunn

A very relaxed concept of time, as used by black people the world over...
aiming to get somewhere at 1 when it starts at 12 and actually get there at 2.30
by Tommigunn March 17, 2004
A hairy arse
When you bend over, it looks like a yeti is trying to climb out of you arse crack.
by TommiGunn March 16, 2004
a vaginal fart
during great sexual pleasures, only slightly offputting
by tommigunn March 16, 2004
one of the greatest hangover cures: Fanta Fruit Twist
Fook me that was a heavy drinking session last nite, i need some majic joose
by tommigunn March 18, 2004
Punter: pint o spastic jooce please barman.
Barman: What?
Punter: A wife beater
by tommigunn March 22, 2004