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A penis which has hair on the shaft. Extreme cases occur naturally where more than half of the penis is covered in fur. Usually seen on Italians and many of the middle eastern races. Women find this condition extremely displeasing, especially during fellatio and badminton.
I finally got the guy's myriad of clothing off and he had a gorilla penis, so I broke out and enjoyed a consolation ice cream sundae.
by TOMLOL March 16, 2007
A relationship which has no long term potential; a temporary sexual affair to pass time; just another fuck hole.
She wanted a ring for Christmas, but she's just penis parking so I gave her a new tape deck instead.
by TOMLOL December 28, 2006
1) A condition of the penis where logorrheic semen production supercedes all other activities; Machismo produced in such plethora that it could never conceivably be consumed in its entirety.
2) Raft nigger.
I didn't leave my lazyboy for 3 months due to a bad case of the mrod.
by tomlol October 26, 2007

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