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An affluent suburban city located west of the city of Toronto.

People from the town of Oakville (just west of Mississauga) seem to have delusions of grandeur and fail to notice that the only wealthy part of their town is centred around 'Old Oakville' a tiny part of Lakeshore Road. In comparison, Mississauga's wealth is dispersed in villages such as Lorne Park, Streetsville, Mineola, Port Credit, Erindale, Rattray Marsh, and Mississauga Road. Unlike homogeneous Oakville, Mississauga is a city where you can live with people of all races in harmony.

Oakville kid: "you're just jealous 'cause us Oakvillians live in a bubble and are out of touch with reality"

Mississauga kid: "touche"
by toml544 November 19, 2008

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