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Friday for most college students.
"Let's go to the bar, it's Thursday. Fuck Friday classes."
by TomKVideo August 27, 2009
The best five words a single man can get from a girl on the phone.

Guy: Hello?

Girl: Hey, you should come over.
by TomKVideo December 09, 2008
A phrase commonly used in the Mid-Atlantic bar scene to ward off mother hens trying to cock block.
Fat Chick: "No, Kerri, we need to go!"

Bar Patron: "Woman, I will punch you in the tits!"
by TomKVideo December 28, 2008
A great place to go to get a poster or banner sized blown up picture of your roommate's girlfriend sucking your dick.
Guy 1: "I'm going to Kinko's. I've got a poster to make before Thursday."

Guy 2: "Art project?"

Guy 1: "My roommates birthday. His girl and I got him a gift."
by TomKVideo September 29, 2009
Past Tense...

Got The Fuck Out

past tense of GTFO
It was the fifth day at the in-laws house, so I snapped and GTFO'd.

by TomKVideo December 28, 2008
the lessons that experienced girl in high school taught you.
Everything I had when I got to school here as a freshman, I have to thank Sarah K. for, because she took me to sex college.
by TomKVideo April 14, 2010
To take a form of permanent writing utensil, usually spray paint, and drawing a large dick on the side of a house.

(An extreme form of party shaming. Usually only used by party crashers or when the host is being a cunt beyond reason.)
"We ran into some preppyfags house party, stole some liquor, and then dick-housed one of them when he hit Fallon."
by TomKVideo January 03, 2009

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