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QTSD is an acronym for "Quit Thinking Start Drinking", it is usually the answer given by people who are at a loss when asked for meaningful advice on a serious or non-serious situation, in the hope that in the drunken stupor that follows the situation will be resolved somehow.
Guy 1: "What am I going to do (insert problem)"
Guy 2: "QTSD bitch!"
Guy 1: "Alright, I suppose one drink couldn't hurt"

5 hours later in another state/country

Guy 1: "Huh, so everything turned out ok, nice"
Guy 2: "Told you so"
by tomichugpeltho July 05, 2010
Someone who records and posts copious amounts videos on various peoples walls (facebook) regardless of the closeness of the friendship.
Guy1: Dude! Karen just left me a video, told you she liked me
Guy2: So? She's left one for everyone on her friends list
Guy1: Dammit! My bad, she's such a video whore.
by tomichugpeltho November 07, 2009
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