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2 definitions by tomharding

To deliberately cough in order to mask the inevitable sound of breaking wind.

Can be applied almost anywhere - Exams, Funerals, The Office, In the company of your loved one.

Needs precision timing to avoid extreme embarrasment.

*Deep breath, for a couple of seconds*
"Cough" *fart* "Cough".


You need to brush up on your coughart timing, sir.
by tomharding January 09, 2009
25 5
Red Bull, Relentless, Lucozade - Basically any beverage marketed as energy drinks.

Consumed excessively by students when a long night of last-minute work lies ahead.
"Man, look at Rob's eyes, how he managed to work on his dissertation all night is beyond me"

"Probably all that student juice he's had"
by tomharding July 22, 2008
4 3