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The twisted version of english spoken by chavs--
English = Chavlish
emo = emo
scene kid = emo
goth = goff
metalhead = mosha
skater = grunja
trainers = creps
men = mandem
thankyou = safe
hello = oright?
my friends = me crew
i will beat you up = ima bang u out dick'ed
i agree, yes, no, (any affirmative response) = init

these are just a few translations, there are thousands more
* chavspeak in action *

chav1: orite blud
chav2: orite
chav3: oi, wanna fag
chav4: safe
*goth walks past*
chav1: oi goff, go put makeup on and worship the devil init
goth: (alone) pardon?
chav2: ya startin mayte, me and me crew gonna bang u out blud so jog on
Goth:*walks towards chavs*
chav3: LEG IT!!!
by tomd is yo mama May 30, 2007

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