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Usually used in reference to a Charisma Man in a relationship with a smarter - and usually Asian - female. The man has been tricked into unwanted marriage via a "surprise" pregnancy or by other underhanded means (the trapper often executes a well-formulated plan which the trappee is blissfully unaware of).
An interjection - sometimes an adjective - always said in a shouty whisper.
A: Did you hear EFM got married to his girlfriend?
B: Really?! I thought he was going to dump her.
A: Yeah, but she got pregnant...
B: Trapped!
by tombo22 August 20, 2007
"everyone's favorite moron" or "extreme fucking moron"

Used when you can't use someone's name to bitch about them when there is a possibility that they might overhear.
Is EFM coming to the bar tonight?
I hope not, that guy is such an annoying twat.

Are you happy to be moving away from EFM?
I can't wait until that dick is my ex-door neighbour.
by tombo22 August 20, 2007

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