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In Scotland if you end up in court and are found guilty there are three possible outcomes that people perceive you to be:

Fucking guilty
Guilty as fuck

These are in increasing order of severety.
Larry - I think he's innocent.
Jerry - Get away - the mans as guilty as fuck! The very least is that he's fucking guilty.
by Tom_NZ March 27, 2007
A sports car that attracts young ladies.
That car of yours is a real fanny magnet!
by Tom_NZ March 27, 2007
To exclaim that you don't know when an incident will happen.
Wife: When are you comming home?
Husband: Well I've got all this paperwork to do. I won't be back till fuck knows when.

Neighbour: Oh, you're looking for Steve? He's gone on holiday, won't be back until fuck knows when.
by Tom_NZ May 01, 2007
After the insertion of ones digit in a womans vagina. British word used in the Midlands of England.
Hey Harold - did ye get a wet finger last night?
by Tom_NZ March 27, 2007
An old 1950s (or earlier) North East Scottish word meaning drunk to the point of being nearly unconscious. A more modern word would be 'steaming.
Larry wis bad last night - shit marack.
by Tom_NZ March 27, 2007
A Scottish expression or UK stating that a measurement is close to that of the desired.
One carpenter to another: Well there's next to fuck all difference between the length of these two.
by Tom_NZ April 14, 2007
To reach heights well above the ordinary wanker. In analogy to arch-bishop.A British word.
Steve was an arch-wanker by anybodies standards.
by Tom_NZ March 27, 2007

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