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when you have as much money as MC hammer and the only thing left you can do is wank it to the beat of "nobody knows the trouble Ive seen".
I just caught Tony Danza having a poorgasm behind Wal-Mart.
by tom k November 25, 2003
A boring, rich, upper class town in a rural part of central New Jersey, full of doctors, lawyers, accountants, college professors and other people who think they’re hot shit. Few people know about Somerset, and often think the town only contains normal sized middle class homes that they see on the main road of Easton Avenue. That’s because years ago Somerset consisted only of farm land and a few normal homes. Year’s later developers came and bought up acres and acres of farm land and built big expensive homes, bringing in the rich, snobby crowd that makes Somerset what it is today. Unlike other rich towns in New Jersey, Somerset is actually a very diverse town that contains a lot of black people who also have money like their white counterparts. A majority of kids from the town are spoiled and a lot of them try to act like they’re tough thugs from the rough streets. When in actuality the only dangerous thing to worry about is hitting a deer crossing the road. The town also contains a numerous amount of hot girls that can be seen on a day to day basis usually driving their mommies and daddies BMW, Mercedes, Infiniti, Acura or Lexus with no place to go.
Tom: "Who was that hot girl doing lines of coke in her BMW M3?"

Tara: "Oh, thats Lisa, she lives in Somerset, she's that snobby bitch I told you about whose loser brother thinks he's a gang banger. I fucking hate people from Somerset."
by Tom K August 01, 2005

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