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smooth, sleek, suave, sexy, dressed nice, turn da ladies on jus by winkin... EXAMPLE: JAMES BOND.. sorta... u get da idea tho rite?

can b used as a noun or a verb..
mang.. u so damn GQ...
by tom July 20, 2004
British slang.

<i>vb.</i> the act of committing sodomy
<i>n.</i> person who commits sodmoy (n.), ie. has anal intercourse.

It is generally used about an annoying person or situation.
Bugger off (get lost).
Stop buggering me.
My boss is a bugger and a half.
Oh bugger (something went wrong).
by Tom March 23, 2004
Can be used after swear words to make them less severe. The seriousness of the explietive and the sheer niceness of the word "muffin" cancel each other out, and the recipient of the full phrase will know that the explietive is not being used entirely seriously.
You just ate the last ice cream, you complete and utter cuntmuffin!
by Tom May 01, 2005
A "stiffy" or "boner". A sound made when an attractive female approaches or pass' by.
by Tom May 12, 2004
french for 'fat tuesday', a sort of parade where women flash their boobies and drunken people throw beads at them, etctera.
i got tricked into getting a mamogram by a hobo on mardi gras
by tom March 02, 2004
something that is very good (Jonathan Ross)
yeah dude that's crispin!
by tom March 29, 2005
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