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The eternal shadow of moonlighters. known for is everyday attempts to out perform a moonlighter but comes up short. jealous toward the ever achieving group, hawks will slander the group anytime possible.
I try so hard, but i think im just a victim of the hawks.
by tokio krisis March 30, 2009
a group of extraordinary person who can get anything done with limited or no resources. Often recognized for excellent, the group can hated or judged negatively by its opposite counterparts known as hawks.

What a moonlighter, he did it all and he really has no training on it.

by tokio krisis March 30, 2009
A hydraulic tech that is a moonlighter of many trades unspeakable in a civilized society. Often in a highly regarded position but displays his/her displeasure by performing a randon act of destruction (i.e. phone tossing, cat slaying)
I got a new job as a supervisor, im going to be the biggest aishman ever.

If i become an aishman, just leave me alone for an hour until i become a wesley.
by Tokio Krisis March 30, 2009

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