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a. A quest on which a bunch of not yet humbled Penn freshman go into the mountains to find themselves pooping in then woods, swimming in mysterious bodies of water, and playing "never have I ever" while warming up by campfires. The students become humbled, but show proper pride in their newfound crudeness with spirited chants and the singing of Mulan's "We Are Men."

b. A spiritual experience that takes place on a three day long backpacking trip during which inexplicable bonds with the environment and random people who would probably otherwise never align themselves to moon together form.

c. An enigmatic group of people from UPenn who participate in both questionable and spontaneous activities both during their yearly camping trips and sometimes on campus. Unbeknownst to all members, the group is actually meant to promote hippie culture at their beloved, wholesome Ivy League institution. (damn straight that's diversity!)

d. 1) A preorientation group that results in mouth-wateringly wild and exclusive behavior during NSO. 2) One of various ways to prove one's worthiness of an Ivy-League welcome to college. 3) Initiation into the most interesting subculture that Penn has to offer.
I'm so jealous of those kids from PennQuest. I should've applied..
by tokenasian2012groupM January 06, 2009

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