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the action of lying on a surface, particularly soil or grassland, and thrusting your body downwards as if trying to burrow with your penis

dingleburrow implies the same action,
i said stretch your back, not fuck a worm hole you wingleburrower!!

all of us are lying on our backs, while dawson over there is having a wingleburrow!
by toke urbz September 22, 2006
essentially the word 'psssh' means...

-the simple sound that i am making with my mouth is much better than everything you just said.

-can also mean, 'i don't care'
-'you are full of shit'
-used to express amusement

it is a word that reduces the worth of any previos speech, elevating itself to a higher level of conversation, language and vocabulary.

it is frankly, the ultimate word.
where is the work i asked you to do?

did you see that goal? it was amazing!

isn't that the guy with loads of STDs?

i drink loads of alcohol, i bet i drink more than you do!

i bet im better than you at.......

personaly i believe that the christian faith......

you get the point
by toke urbz September 22, 2006
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