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11 definitions by toeknee

Slang term for guitar.
Man, that guy can really shred on that tawog.
by ToeKnee August 25, 2005
1 3
District Attorney
I didn't have any money, so I had to pay my DA with blow jobs.
by toeknee July 01, 2003
14 17
When an unexperienced girl attempts to give a hand job but squeezes way to hard.
I don't think i was ever gonna' cum with the boston strangler around my cock!
by ToeKnee August 25, 2005
8 12
When an unexperienced girl tries to give a handjob and doesn't realize that she needs to move the skin around the penis with the motion of her hand.
Yeah she started giving me a hand job, but she was missing the point so i had to set her straight.
by ToeKnee August 25, 2005
4 11