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kick ass dude
dude your like a rob zombie
by toeMas January 02, 2004
tubby, only speaks on occasion, wheres an over-coat, hat, and shorts.
yo that guy standing in front of the quick stop is a silent bob.
by toeMas January 02, 2004
french for give me some fuckin cola.
extra large coke, never pepsi because pepsi sucks.
MC JackInTheKing employee: what kinda drink would you like sir?

You: gimmie a literacola.
by toeMas January 02, 2004
(above is wrong.)
gamepro is a multi-platform gameing mag.
an extreme master of video games
1) Do you keep a stack of gamepros on your toilet.
2) toeMas is the gamepro of his time
by toeMas January 02, 2004
thanking someone after receiving weed as a gift or a present.
Bill: hey Ted, try this rad bud.
Ted: dank you very much, my most excellent friend Bill.
Bill: rad
Ted: rad
by toemas April 24, 2015
an artilery shell fired in a mortor larger than needed. the shell will not build enough pressure and will explode at 2 to 3 feet on the air.

do not atempt.
Run it's set for a two foot pop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by toeMas January 02, 2004
a face with big horns and teeth
see www.philfewangers.s5.com
by toeMas January 02, 2004

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