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Word for currency.
Means cents.
100 fenus in a dollar.
You didnt give me the right change for my whiskey, you only gave me 4 smackers and 30 fenus
by toe April 01, 2005
Very large underwear - Normally worn by complete and utter fat bastards
By gawd look at his big undies
by toe October 21, 2003
1)A sure fire way to get pin worm trichonosis and various other shit borne diseases.
2)A german erotic toy used to stimulate sexual response from gay nazi sympathizers.
3) A small brown cylinder composed of fecal matter.
4) An incredibly stupid person usually lacking and thinking skills or common sense.
5) Being stiffed on something valuable or meaningful by a close friend or family member.
1)Grandma used to play with a turd dildo now she is very ill.
2)Colonel Nimitz inserted the turd dildo into his rectum .
3) There are museums with turd dildos in glass cases on shelves , waiting to used in case of emergency.
4)You are a silly turd dildo Mark, Trout Sniffer is a lesbian.
5) Losing that pendant to my aunt willow was a real turd dildo.
by toe October 15, 2004
An internationally successful internet business focusing on adult movies, flying cars, internet proliferation and world dominatio.
Toetag Inc. can be found at www.Toetag.org
by toe October 15, 2004
Most gosu player on the Lordaeron Battle.net WarCraft 3 server. Originator of the single Blade Master Strat
OMGWTF!!! Ctrl.Alt.n00b pwns me
by Toe November 14, 2004
fat stokey bastard who has hay fever

looks like pavel srnicek
u fucking pav
by toe March 27, 2004
A word for currency.
Means dollars.
Can I please have 50 smackers so that I can go to the store and buy a bottle of whiskey?
by toe April 01, 2005

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