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to temporarily "fix" something using whatever materials are at hand. Perfectly acceptable in an emergency, but not as a general rule.
My bike chain broke when I was ten miles from the house.
What did you do?
I asked this guy for some duct tape so I could nigger rig it to get home.
by todd's big dick January 21, 2008
1 To make feces in your drawers
2 to become excited or overjoyed
3 To be scared or surprised
1 Dude, did you shit your pants?
2 Shannon asked you out and you shit your pants
3 When that bomb went off, you shit your pants
by todd's big dick January 21, 2008
1 Someone who can't fix anything right. Often uses duct tape or coat hangers
2 A disreputable mechanic
I'm gonna get clarence to fix my bike
Dude Clarence is a nigger rigger, go see Johnny
by todd's big dick January 21, 2008
When your old lady wakes up and begins bitching before her feet hit the floor. This is common when you wake her up wanting to get laid.
Dude, what's up with your girl?
I don't know, she pulled a wake and bitch this morning and it's been pure hell.
by todd's big dick January 21, 2008
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