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Another word to describe a black child or in other words a (nigglet) they always hang out with their fried chicken eating kool-aid drinking and 40 stealing porch monkey parent/s.
porch monkey:Hey boy git ovea here and get this KFC i bought with da welfare check

yard ape :I dont want KFC i want kool-aid

porch monkey: Boy you betta git yo all ovea here before i whoup yo ass wit da 40.
by toasted skitts January 30, 2009
A racist maritime captains racial slur about a black sailor.
Captain Jones-Higgins have some steak and lobster with me

Sailor Higgins-yes sir

Captain Jones-oh niggens go get some kool-aid and KFC boy

Sailor niggens-oh lordie Kool-aid and K to the fuken F C.
by toasted skitts January 30, 2009

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