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to educate someone on how to pimp.
Dude 1: I went on a date last night and took her to a fancy restaurant.

Dude 2: Don't be taking some hoe to an expensive dinner! Do I have to pimpicate you on everything?
by toast455 July 17, 2005
a nice plump womans ass.
Did you see the wutons on that hottie?
by toast455 June 22, 2005
Slang used by students to describe their report card grades and that they received a "D" or lower in all their classes.
Dude 1: How were your grades?
Dude 2: I got fudge.
by toast455 June 24, 2005
An act usually performed by gay men where one man sucks the sperm out of another man's ass. Typically performed in a threesome but some gay men have been known to retrieve their own sperm.
That gay guy just came from an orgy where he filtched some jizz out of his friends ass.
by toast455 June 21, 2005
Sweat Patches in Full-Effect. A person who has wet spots on his shirt usually under the arms from sweating.
I went on date last night with this really hot chick and got so nervous that I coudn't contain my spife.
by toast455 June 28, 2005
An uncontrollable bad case of diarrhea that feels as if mud is oozing out of your ass.
After drinking a case of beer and eating some bad Mexican food, I got a severe case of mud butt.
by toast455 July 05, 2005
An island that is 125 miles in length and located right out side of NYC. It consists of nassau county (which borders NYC's borugh of Queens) and Suffolk County. It is primarlly known for the beaches of Nassau county and the yocals of Suffolk county.
Whenever I feel letting getting away from nyc, I visit the beaches in long island.
by toast455 July 07, 2005

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