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A tiny dried up or petrified ball of feces that gets caught in a man's ass hair. It can be the result of not washing your ass or not properly wiping your ass after taking a crap.
When the hippie/stoner pulled down his pants, the girl caught a glimpse of his dinkleberries and refused to have sex with him.
by toast455 June 22, 2005
The energy and excitement that is transmitted by Point Guard Jeremy Lin.
Knick Fan: "Linsanity can't be stopped!"
by toast455 February 14, 2012
A sneaky guy who has no shame in plotting to get girls to have sex with him. Usually college guys who get girls drunk and take advantage of them.
Freshman Larry is such a dick weasel. He only went to the Frat Party because he knew he could get Wendy drunk and screw her brains out.
by toast455 July 05, 2005
1. horrible miserable person
2. a transsexual male who pretends to be a woman and tries to fool men by getting them drunk and having sex with them in the dark. The men do not realize that they are not having vaginal sex but instead they are having sex with the transexual's ass.
1. My boss is such an ass cunt.
2. Joey got so drunk last week in San Fransisco that a transsexual tricked him into having ass cunt sex.
by toast455 June 22, 2005
1. A sexual partner that you can have your way with anytime you want.
2. A girl that is a total freak and loves dick.
1. I have nailed Britney so many times that I am bored of her being my cock slave.
2. Pam Anderson is such a cock slave.
by toast455 July 06, 2005
a local hick; a townie; hillbilly
Also reffered to as local yocals.
The other night I caught a blowjob from a yocal who didn't have any teeth.
by toast455 June 22, 2005
the act of swallowing a man's cum.
I gave my girlfriend a milkshake last night and she finished every drop.
by toast455 June 22, 2005

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