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is it a date, is it a mate. Meeting someone from the opposite sex who you know well enough to call a mate, but there's also a bit more going on. It goes somewhere, but at the last minute when you're about to stick it in (for lads) or you're to be stuck (for lasses, maybe lads) they call the mate card.
Albert: "How did it go with Angela last night"

Ronny: "Yeah it was going really well, she was naked and that and we were about to do it but she pulled the mate card."

Albert: "Nooooooooooo, bitch"

by toad888 July 17, 2008
Anything that is tiresome, boredom, wearey (obviously) and basically just shit. All of the above cause weare, not depression, just the feeling of weare; can not be bothered to move, respond, not in a bad mood, not in a good mood, just want the feeling to end.
"god I've just been phoned by that girl from last Tuesday and she's got the clap"

"mate that's rubbish you must be feeling the weare"

"yeah it's wearey"
by toad888 July 17, 2008
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