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2 definitions by to mega therion

1. Something extremely funny, perhaps causing an unusual amount of laughter.
2. A sarcastic term used to make fun of something.

Can also be spelled 'laugh-and-a-half'.
"Dude, did you see that crippled guy roll off the handicap ramp and flip over when his wheelchair ran out of battery power? Oh man, was that a laugh and a half! I'm so glad no one heard me cracking up there."

"So I went to that new restaurant that's been on every other commercial lately. I paid 15 dollars for a shrimp platter that only had 8 shrimp on it, and the rest of the dish was just lettuce and garnishes. Yeah, that place is a fucking laugh-and-a-half."
by to mega therion September 03, 2007
20 14
Ridiculous. For use when something is so ridiculous that it cannot even be described in proper English.
"Dude, that Jackass episode was the most disriculous shit I've ever seen in my life."
by to mega therion September 03, 2007
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